Meaghan’s stats

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According to and these are Meaghan’s stats.

Full name: Meaghan Jette Martin
Birthday: February 17, 1992
Star Sign: Aquarius
Born: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Chinese Horoscope Sign: Monkey
Height: 5′ 4½ or 1.64 m
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Voice Type: Soprano
Work History : Commercial, Voice Over, Film, Television, Runway Modeling, Theater
Performer Skills – Dance: Tap, Club/Freestyle, Swing, Ballet, Hip Hop
Performer Skills – Accents: British
Siblings: Zachary (little brother), Sean (older brother), Rebecca (older sister)
Most Famous for: Camp Rock, 10 Things I hate about you
Twitter: ettejnahgaem
Favorite Food: rice and chicken
Favorite Color: pink
Favorite Ice Cream: strawberry
Favourite Book Series: Harry Potter
Favourite Authors: Mitch Albom, Stephen King and Lewis Carroll
Favourite Composers: Jason Robert Brown, Duncan Sheik and Stephen Sondheim
Favourite Designer: Betsey Johnson.
Favourite Shops: Urban Outfitters, Planet Funk, J Crew, Betsey Johnson, Nordstroms
Favourite Disney Channel Show: Hannah Montana
Celebrity Crushes: Orlando Bloom and Emile Hirsch



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  1. How old is she…

  2. i ‘ love so much Meaghan Jette Martin

    • So do I! She’s awesome right!

  3. Sry for being off topic – what WP theme are you using? Looks stunning.

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